In continuing restoration news, we turn the spotlight to the stabilization of the inlet at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve.

This week: restoration crews installed ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) fencing in the area along Coast Highway 101 and removed vegetation from the project area. ESA fencing defines the project work area.

Beginning soon, crews will install rock slope protection to prevent erosion of the western embankment of the lagoon inlet. This process, called revetment, means placement of permeable rocks to absorb storm surges, rising seas, and minimize slope erosion. The quarter ton rocks used are called rip-rap, broken stones that provide a foundation for slope protection.

WEstern_Easter EmbankmentAbove: The western embankment will soon look similar to the rock-lined eastern embankment.

For this work to occur, traffic and bike lanes along S. Coast Highway 101 have been temporarily modified. Lanes have shifted toward the median of the highway. The bike lane remains open.

Bike Lane Remains OpenAbove: Temporary bike lane remains open throughout restoration at the lagoon inlet.

Above: Rock will be placed along the western embankment from the lagoon inlet to the area behind the Plastino building, as seen here in red.

Quarter Ton Rock
Above: Quarter ton rock that will be placed along the western embankment

InletAbove, a Killdeer checks out the inlet.  

Feb RainsAbove: Rainwater fills the lagoon during our last rain event.

With more rain on the way, you will likely notice how full the lagoon gets! The  temporary tide gate located near the nature center is open today through Monday, February 18, so that fresh water exits and salt water enters.

Leave us a comment, a question, or contact us during Reviving Your Wetlands San Elijo Lagoon Restoration.

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