NBC 7 San Diego TV Digs In to Reveal Progress in Lagoon Restoration

DGClick to View video: Everything to Know about Restoring San Elijo Lagoon (3:43).

In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia takes a San Elijo Lagoon Restoration tour with Conservancy Executive Director and Principal Scientist Doug Gibson.

We are one year into Reviving Your Wetlands, the San Elijo Lagoon Restoration. A lot of progress has already been made to restore and rebuild tidal channels for stormwater to pass through the lagoon and for ocean tides to reach in, much deeper and farther east.

tide channelTidal channels in San Elijo Lagoon are now wider and deeper through the excavation and dredging of sediments that are placed in the onsite overdredge pit.

“This is home to one of our most endangered species, the Ridgway’s Rail,” said Doug Gibson and added that “we’re dredging the channels so we have an even better flow regime.” The new Interstate-5 bridge is also doubling in length which will increase tidal flow.

Did you know? Scientists in this environmental enhancement projected sea level rise to the year 2065 to plan for the lagoon to adapt to rising waters, and with new connecting trails. 

“We’re giving it the best chance in the future in that next stage of its life,” said Doug Gibson. Also in this segment, Garcia reports that the lagoon restoration is a year ahead of schedule, estimated to conclude in June 2020.

In the next few weeks we will continue bringing you news and views of all the activities occurring in the West, Central and East basins. Stay tuned! Thank you for following Lagoon Connections.

2 thoughts on “NBC 7 Television Reveals Lagoon Restoration One Year In

    1. Hi Greg, thank you for your support! Be on the lookout for more frequent posts, as restoration is underway in all basins (West, Central and East) and especially as progress is now more visible. It’s year two, and Reviving Your Wetlands is estimated to conclude June 2020 with the new trail connection linking the Nature Center to Solana Beach (N. Rios Ave trail). Thank you again! – Team Conservancy


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