San Elijo Lagoon Restoration construction ceases during Thanksgiving, and will resume as excavators get back to work sculpting tidal channels and mudflats.

Have you seen the excavator near the Nature Center? It will be busy at work until the end of November. The excavator is sculpting the sides of the channel from the Nature Center to the railway bridge, and this sculpting will result in wider and deeper channels, as well as sloped mudflats.

IMG_2175The excavator is busy sculpting channels by the Nature Center.

IMG_2268-2This is the channel in which the excavator will be working. It will make its way from the Nature Center to the railway bridge.

The Ross Island Dredge No. 10 was reassembled in the East basin earlier this month. It’s been busy dredging up the excavated sediment that has formed piles in the East Basin and placing the material in the overdredge pit in the Central Basin.

IMG_2235Piles of sediment in the East Basin waiting to be dredged

IMG_2251.jpg                                                 An American Coot in the East Basin.

Our next tidal flushing will take place over Thanksgiving weekend: November 21-25 

On Tuesday, November 21 the plates in the temporary dike by the Nature Center were removed to allow water to flow in. This water was held overnight and will be released today. Now, through Monday morning, the temporary dike will be open to allow for a natural flow of water.

IMG_2282A Snowy Egret perches by the temporary dike.

San Elijo Lagoon Restoration construction will be on hold during Thanksgiving weekend. The dredging that usually occurs from Mondays at 6:00 AM through Saturdays at 6:00 PM will cease at 1:00 AM on Thursday morning and resume Monday. This means that there will be no nighttime construction lighting during the Thanksgiving weekend.

We are grateful that you follow our Lagoon Connections blog. We wish you a weekend of nature discovery with visiting friends and family. The trails are open sunrise to sunset! Winter shorebirds and ducks are migrating in now, and despite the construction, a lot of lively animal action and winter colors can be seen from the loop trail and from trails leading east.

We wish you tidings of gratitude from all of us at San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. We are grateful that Reviving Your Wetlands is moving along efficiently for the many future years of joyful holidays with healthier waters, an increase in tidal circulation, and connecting trails among our communities.

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