An Island for Refuge

Restoration Activities will increase in the East basin  The East basin was cleared of vegetation prior to the start of nesting season last winter. This summer, crews made restoration progress by using excavators to sculpt the sides of what will soon be two new wider and longer channels that will better connect Escondido Creek with…Read more »

Tidal Flushing & Algal Bloom

Naturally Decomposing Coralline Algae Reappears.  If you have surfed, swam or walked the shores in Cardiff-by-the-Sea lately, you might be wondering, What is that smell?  Seaweed in the lagoon’s inlet is doing its thing — decomposing — and creating a sulfur-like scent. Click on the previously recorded video below to learn more about this naturally occurring event…Read more »

Tides In & Out

The next tidal flushing – Reviving Your Wetlands lagoon restoration – begins Friday, August 31 Our last tidal flushing August 10-12 was a success! One of our goals with that flushing was to allow salt water to flow a bit farther into the southeast side of the Central basin and provide much-needed water to habitat that…Read more »

Mudflats Are Coming Into View

Reviving Your Wetlands San Elijo Lagoon restoration has enhanced mudflat habitat for estuarine species that depend on them. It took only a summer of excavating to shape and enhance new mudflat habitat. Back in June, we shared that earth-moving activities were beginning just west of I-5. In that post we explained how crews were beginning…Read more »